Mystery Lane

Mystery Lane

Sunday, July 17, 2011


A couple of months ago I found out that since Jackson is 3 and still in diapers he qualifies for free diapers under Medicaid.  What a deal!  After numerous phone calls to the pediatrician, Molina (who every time I talked to them gave me a different story about how to get the diapers), and a medical supply company (Norco), I finally figured out how to get them.  So last week I go to pick them up and I am happy because they are the same kind of diapers Jackson has always worn (Huggies).  However, the guy at Norco tells me that Molina may not cover the cost of them because they are “high end” and we may have to get the generic kind.  I’m a little bummed but I figure we will cross that road when we get there.  I just don’t want Jackson in some cheap diapers that will give him a rash.  He hands me the receipt and I am on my way.  When I get home I take out the receipt to file it and as I am walking to my desk I look at it real quick and almost walk into a wall.  I couldn’t believe it!  The medical supply company charged Molina $179.04 for a month’s worth of diapers!  Jackson doesn’t pee or poop that much!  For those of you not diaper knowledgeable let me explain.  I buy Jackson a box of 176 diapers at Costco about once a month.  That box costs me about $40.  I got 162 diapers from Norco for $179.04.  So Norco is charging the insurance company 4.5 times more for 14 less diapers.  Unbelievable!  And people think there is nothing wrong with our insurance industry.  Just charge the insurance companies the fair market price so people’s premiums will go down and give the lower and middle class who can’t afford health insurance a chance to afford it.  Some days I just get so discouraged living in America.  We may be the land of the free but we have also become the land of gross negligence.  I can feel a full tirade coming on so I am going to stop writing.  For now we have some free diapers and that is something!

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  1. That's ridiculous! Those medical supply companies can be downright criminal. And the insurance company will probably only let you get them from that supplier. You would actually be saving money if they gave you a coupon to go to Costco and get them. The insurance companies are what is really wrong with out health care system. I wish one of these billionaires who say they want to leave their fortune to charity would start a completely not-for-profit insurance group. They could make paying employees great wages to seek out the best deals for their customers, instead of not caring about anything except getting paid and handing that money over to the few at the top.