Mystery Lane

Mystery Lane

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I’ve been debating about whether or not to put this post up.  I don’t want to sound self-serving or egotistical but I am kind of proud of it, so here goes. 

In June, Kevin and I were given the “Outstanding Parents of the Year” award from the Spokane Guild School.  When the director of the school called to tell me we were getting the award I wasn’t quite sure what to say.  Mostly, I didn’t feel like we deserved the award.  I don’t think I do anything outstanding as a parent.  If anything, I think there is so much more I could and should be doing.  I get so busy running Jackson around to school, therapies, and doctor appointments that I mostly don’t feel like we have time to do anything fun together.  And I really should be doing more therapy with him at home, I just feel like after all his appointments he needs a break when we are home.  Besides, a lot of the time I can’t get him to do things with me that the therapists do.  Perhaps the “Mediocre Parents of the Year” award is what I deserve.  Nonetheless, we were given the award.  I missed the award ceremony because I was in Colorado on vacation at the time, so Kevin accepted the award for us.  The Guild School did record the ceremony so I was able to watch it and hear what was said about us.  The thing that struck me about the award presentation was that this award wasn’t just about one parent being any better than the next, but looked at those that tried to give back and help others.  That comment meant more to me than anything.  Since Jackson was born, my little family has been shown so much love and support that it is overwhelming.  Our friends and family have stuck by us and celebrated our son with us.  Strangers, like Dwight, the man who built Jackson’s bed, have shown us honest kindness.  How do we just accept all that without spreading it to others?  We can’t.  Every little lesson I learn along this journey I file in the back of my mind and hope someday I will be able to share it with another mother or father of a special needs kiddo.  If someone would have told me 5 years ago that someday my focus and desire in life would be to help the parents of special needs children I probably would have laughed and said “I don’t think so, I’m not good with special needs kids.”  Well who’s laughing now?!  Me.  Thanks for the award, I am proud of it.  Now I just need to earn it.

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  1. Silly already have given back in many ways you may never know about. Just keep being who you are and what you are doing and know that all those that come into contact with you will take something with them for knowing you. Congrats my and Kevin are awesome and I just wish you could see what I and others see....pretty amazing my dear...pretty freaking amazing! Miss Myia