Mystery Lane

Mystery Lane

Monday, September 19, 2011

All I can do is Laugh!

When the Department of Developmental Disabilities caseworker came to do an assessment for respite care for Jackson she mentioned that because Jackson was 3 years old the State of Washington would buy his diapers.  So it took me a couple of weeks but I found a place (Norco) that would supply the diapers that Jackson has worn since he was 3 months old (Huggies).  However, they charged the State over 4 times what I would pay for the diapers in the store.  So when I called them to get our second supply of diapers they informed me that they would not provide Huggies because the State would not reimburse them due to how expensive they were.  My response to them was that if they didn’t charge ludicrously high prices the State would pay for my son’s diapers.  The guy on the phone said that they didn’t charge high prices, they charge what they pay for them.  Yeah right.  So I told Norco I would take my business elsewhere.  Again I was on the hunt for a company that would supply diapers.  I must have called 10 companies only to be told they either weren’t taking new clients, didn’t supply diapers, or were unable to deliver to the Spokane area.  But after a couple of weeks of calling I did find a pharmacy in the Valley that would supply diapers but not Huggies.  I looked up the name of the diapers they would supply and they seemed okay.  I decided we will try the diapers and if they give Jackson a rash or are super cheap then we at least tried.  Thursday I went to the pediatrician’s office to get the required prescription.  Friday I headed out to the Valley with two toddlers (Jackson and the little girl I babysit) to the pharmacy.  I filled out the paperwork (fun times with two kids to manage) and left the pharmacy because it would take a couple of days to get the approval from our much beloved insurance company Molina. Finally, after a couple of weeks of calls, paperwork gathering, and a trip to the pharmacy we are finally lined up for diapers.  At this point, you are probably wondering what the point of this post is and would I please hurry up and get to it.  Here it comes.  This morning (Monday) I go into my bedroom to get dressed.  My husband is in bed watching the local morning news.  As I get dressed I am listening to the news.  The breaking news this morning was that an office building exploded and caught fire.  (Can you see where I am going with this?)  As I look up at the TV, there it is, the building that exploded and is on fire.  The same exact building that housed the pharmacy we went to on Friday!  You may be thinking “What are the odds of that happening?”  That was exactly what I was thinking!  I’m going to say the odds are 1 in 18 million.  But I could be off.  After a few minutes of oh my gods and thinking of all the time it took me to get the diapers ordered, I finally just threw my hands up in the air and laughed.  I mean it really is kind of a funny story.  It has given me quite a few laughs today.  Of course the evening news covered it as well so I had a flat out laugh fest this evening around 6 p.m.  So what’s next?  Who knows!  My guess is that my paperwork is ashes and unless they backed up their computers off-site the pharmacy will not have any records of us.  But the good news is that we just got coupons from Costco and there is one for $6.00 off Huggies.  So if you see me in Costco buying Huggies diapers come over and laugh with me. 

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  1. That is crazy! What are the chances?! Just in case this helps, Callie receives her diapers from Home Care Delivered ( I don't know if this would work for you on the West coast, but it is worth a try. They are wonderful to work with... I just gave them the name of Callie's ped and they called to get the prescription and diapers were at our doorstep within days. They ship to us every month. The only thing is we receive an off-brand diaper, but I find them acceptable even after being used to Pampers. Good luck!