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Mystery Lane

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Plans

It’s that time of year again, the end of the school year.  Anticipation is high in our house right now.  The counting down of the school days, the declaring of how they plan to spend their summer and the joy of being able to wear shorts.  It is the best of times (for the kids) and the worst of times (for the mom).  I have always dreaded this time of year because Jackson hates summers so much.  That kid loves school and not being able to go to school has historically made our summers fairly miserable.  I think this summer is going to be better though (fingers crossed).  Having Daniel and Sylvia around will hopefully keep Jackson occupied and happy.  Of course our two week trip to Florida and the beach (Jackson’s favorite place) also helps.  But planning a summer with three kids has been, how shall I say, thorny, complex, intricate. 

Having a special needs kid who has a lot of therapies and doctor appointments is difficult to manage sometimes.  Now add in two other kids who have counseling, behavior therapy, summer camps, day care and doctor appointments and all of the sudden the summer turns into a logistical nightmare.  I have spent every day of the last week staring at the calendar trying to figure out how to get it all to work.  After 5 days and numerous post it notes I think I may have figured it out, somewhat.  So much for a laid back, hanging out kind of summer. 

The kids have never done summer camps before and they are so excited.  I let them each pick two camps and them being able to decide on their own was a big deal for them.  It is something they get to have some control over which I know means a lot to them.  This summer Jackson is going to his first ever summer camp.  Spokane has an amazing Parks and Recreation department that has an even more amazing therapeutic recreation program for people with disabilities.  Every summer they have a Funshine Day Camp that will accommodate children with special needs.  I am so thankful and excited that Jackson is going to get to do something like that.  It’s going to be a great experience for him.  Sylvia and Daniel both picked Camo Camp.  A week of building forts, tying knots, and archery.  Then Sylvia picked a Science camp and Daniel picked Mini Hawk Camp (baseball, soccer and basketball).  Should be a fun summer for everyone.

I may be spending the summer in my car driving children around but it will be a summer I know they won’t forget and that makes it worth it.  Besides “Children think not of what is past, nor what is to come, but enjoy the present time, which few of us do.”
-Jean de La Bruyère

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