Mystery Lane

Mystery Lane

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Report

It seems like most of my posts lately have been kind of downers, or at least that is how I feel when I write them.  I think it is high time for a happy report!
Jackson has now been in preschool for two weeks.  All my fears and concerns flew out the window the 4th day of school when I picked him up and his teacher gave me two thumbs up.  He is adjusting beautifully and his teacher and aides are working hard to find out the stuff he likes and doesn’t like.  I think he actually likes school.  When we get there and I open the car door to take him out, he can hear the sounds of kids and he starts smiling and giggling and getting excited.  He is happy when I pick him up too.  It’s such a huge relief to know that he is happy and adjusting and not totally miserable.  My favorite part?  Friday when he got home from school I was unpacking his backpack and came across a paper bag with the words “To Mom” on it.  I opened it up and there were two craft/coloring projects for me for Mother’s Day.  One was Jackson’s handprint.  It made me burst into tears.  I told Kevin I want to be buried with them.  I know Mother’s all over the world are getting crafty stuff from their kids and it isn’t a big deal.  But honestly, I wondered if I ever would.  In the back of my mind somewhere I think I thought Jackson would never be able to do stuff like that.  I love, love, love it when I’m wrong!
The transition has also been good for me.  Having a couple of hours to myself every morning has really been great.  I can get the grocery shopping done without fearing a meltdown in aisle 5.  I can sit on the couch and catch up on my recorded Ellen shows with the volume at a normal level.  I can make phone calls and not have to yell into the phone over Jackson’s “talking”.  I can leisurely pick out a book at the library instead of grabbing whatever is closest to me because Jackson is making too much noise in the quiet building.  The best part is I get everything done and so when Jackson comes home I can just hang out with him and not have my “To Do” list hanging over my head.  I kind of like spending my afternoons rolling around on the floor and snuggling with my kid!
The other great news is that Jackson has been seizure free for a couple of weeks.  We started him on the new medication, Sabril, and within 5 days the seizures stopped.  I am so happy to not have to watch him seize up all the time.  I also think that is why he is doing so well in school.  He’s not irritated and worn out from the seizures.  He is able to focus and learn.  It’s great in so many ways, but the effects of this medication on his vision scares me every day.  Sabril can cause permanent peripheral vision loss.  We will have to make a decision in a couple of months about whether to stop the medicine and risk the seizures returning or keep giving him the medicine and risk the vision loss.  That decision is looming in my future and I am dreading it.  For now I am just going to enjoy my little seizure free boy and watch him learn some new stuff at school.


  1. Great news!! I'm so glad preschool has been good for him and that is wonderful news about the Sabril working!!! Hope things continue looking up for you all.
    (Callie's mom... I assume you know, but just in case. :-) )

  2. YAY for loving school!

    Just so you know I sent a snarky letter to Molina. It makes me so mad that insurance companies rake in the money and deny patients basic needs!